Chi Tri Club Program

We welcome your tri club/team to join us as we swim, bike, and run through the most beautiful parts of the windy city. Since its inaugural race, the Chicago Triathlon has partnered with many tri clubs throughout the Chicagoland area and neighboring states to provide a challenging yet also rewarding experience for your avid triathletes.

In addition to the unforgettable experience you and your tri club will share together, your group will also receive race perks to make the experience even better! The first perk you and your colleagues will receive is a discount of 10% off of your registration. After that, as your team grows, you will earn additional perks.

Keep the tradition going and join our tri club program today! We look forward to seeing you all on the final weekend of August.

Club Benefits

  • All tri clubs are eligible to contact us and request their club name be added to our registration flow.

  • All tri clubs who participated in the prior year are eligible to participate in our early-registration period.

  • Where relevant, tri clubs may be featured in newsletters and our digital calendar to highlight training opportunities, get-togethers, and group events.

  • Tri clubs with 5 or more athletes intending to participate may request a discount code for 10% off registration.

  • When your tri club accumulates 10 or more participants, you will receive a complimentary Finish Fest space where you may place a tent to act as your hangout destination post-race.

  • When your tri club accumulates 20 or more participants, you will receive a reserved space close to the start line where you may place a tent to act as your hangout destination pre-race.


Club Competition

New to the 2024 Chicago Triathlon, the club competition introduces a fun and friendly way to compete against fellow clubs and get recognized for club performance.

Club Cup Scoring:

  • Athletes will be scored based on their age-group performance.

  • Every individual athlete in the club will be scored. Relay teams do not count towards a club's score.

  • A 1st place finish is 1 point, a 2nd place finish is 2 points, etc.

  • All individual scores for a club will be totaled then divided by the number of athletes to create a final score.

  • The club with the lowest score wins!

  • In the case of a tie, the 3 best scoring athletes will be used.


  • If athlete W earns 4th place in their age group, athlete X earns 2nd place in their age group, athlete Y earns 11th place, and athlete Z earns 23rd place in their age group that club's score would be: 4+2+11+23 = 40/4 athletes = 10 points.

Additional info:

  • A minimum of 3 participants are required to be scored.

  • The club competition is distance agnostic, meaning the award is for the overall event.

  • Males and females will not be separated. A female who comes in 1st place in her age group is awarded 1 point just as a male who comes 1st place in his age group will be awarded 1 point. We believe this allows all clubs an opportunity to win.

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